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Dr Who & Star Wars in the Forest of Dean
Star Wars
Holiday dates: 27th April to 4th May 2018.
Holidaying are: Royston, Leo, Helen & James, along with Jane & Wendy.
Friday 27th April

The group all made their way to the log cabin in the Forest of Dean. We all unpacked then Wendy cooked a delicious bolognese pasta dish. We watched some clips based around Darth Vader and Storm Troopers before heading off to bed.
picnic Saturday 28th April

Today we had a leisurely breakfast before travelling to Llandaff Cathedral Green. This is where Episode 1 of Series 5 in Dr. Who was filmed, it was when the 11th Doctor was revealed. After having a picnic on the green we went into a cafe for a drink and a cake. In the evening our personal chef called Wendy cooked us a lovely toad-in-the-hole meal with fruit mousse for dessert. We went to the bar, some decided to take a dip in our personal spa at the cabin and then we watched football before going to bed.
Sunday 29th April

After breakfast, as it is Sunday, we all went to the church in Coleford. After the service we stayed for a tea or coffee. We returned to our cabin for a roast chicken meal followed by jelly mousse. Jane then took the group to the Speech House Festival. We saw a storm trooper and Star Wars pilot dressed in black. We all had our picture taken with them as they looked so good. We also saw an owl and Leo and Royston were brave enough to hold it on a gloved hand! We listened to a band and danced along to the music.  
Star Wars
Puzzlewood Monday 30th April

Today we visited Puzzlewood. This is the magical forest where the Star Wars Film "Force Awakens" was used for some of the scenes. It was quite difficult to manoeuvre around as we climbed up and down steps and walked across narrow wooden paths and through rocks. We had our lunch in the cafe at Puzzlewood, jacket potatoes or sandwiches. In the afternoon we had a Star Wars quiz which was great fun. Later that evening we watched the latest Star Wars DVD titled "The Last Jedi".
Tuesday 1st May

Today we walked around the forest that is in the area of our cabin, we walked for a good hour and a half. On the way we collected leaves and saw insects and a buzzard. Back at the cabin we used the bark we had collected to make rubbings using crayons. In the evening we sang with a karaoke machine. We all sang brilliantly and it was decided that Leo should win the competition because his performance of the song 'Sandy' from the film Grease was so very good. 
walk in forest
Clearwell Caves Wednesday 2nd May

We travelled to Clearwell Caves where Dr Who and Merlin were filmed. It was a little dark as we were underground but everyone enjoyed walking around and imagining that they were miners at work. We stayed to have lunch in the cafe before making our way back to the cabin. At the cabin we painted pottery animals and later we had a meal of Fish and Chips from the nearby town of Coleford. Alison joined us to help with the holiday. We all went to a Folk Dancing night in Coleford where we had great fun dancing, 'docey doeing' when the dance caller told us to' do-se-do' and making arches for people to dance through.
Thursday 3rd May

Today we had a leisurely breakfast then Alison said goodbye. We then went to Lydney to enjoy some shopping. Some bought DVD's and others found some clothes to buy. We returned to the cabin and started our packing ready for the journey home. Then we did some more quizzes. It was time to put on our Star Wars costumes and go out to the Coleford Xchange Steak House for a Star Wars themed meal. There was droid melon, Jabba the hut green mash and a Darth Vader spaceship as part of the menu! Afterwards we were awarded certificates and prizes. Then we danced until it was time to go back to the cabin .
Star Wars
folk dance May the Fourth

Our last day, so we all had breakfast and then got our belongings together and said our goodbyes and headed for home. Everyone had enjoyed a great holiday.

Our Folk Dancing evening during the holiday, we were way better than the Ewoks!
Tie-Fighter dessert!

Spaceship dessert
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